Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

PCA sistemleri

Gokser Makine is proud of the completely original design new generation ground support equipment especially developed for the ACU, heating - cooling - ventilation needs of civilian aircraft.

Mobile ACU systems mainly serve in three different capacities.

- The first group is designed for the small power Mobile ACU units such as ATR-72, A-319, and B-737/400.

- The second group is designed for the the mobile ACU units for mid-body aircraft size. Aircrafts in this group are planes such as A-320, A-321, A-330, B-737/800.

 yer destek sistemi pca2

 The third group consists of mobile ACU units designed for large-bodied high-capacity aircrafts. This device can also be equipped with an optional feature of the GPU. This device serves aircrafts such as B-777, B-747, A340, A-380.

This ground support equipment can be in different units in conventional structure as well as a combination in a compact design.

Gokser design team has started to work for a design to offer mobile ACU units and GPU systems together on the single chassis for the ground support equipment family.


We would like to introduce you our systems with the higher benefit/cost ratio for your needs of ACU or ACU + GPU combo units.


ACU sistemleri