Military Tent Climatization

We are proud to be the supplier of high quality and practical air conditioning systems fit for the NATO Standards, and for providing Turkish and Foreign armies with these systems more than 32 years.

The demand for our systems is met by our qualified staff of engineers and AC units are designed and manufactured depending on the needs of the customers and the use scenarios. All of our products have NATO Stock Numbers and they are shipped internationally.

Air conditioning systems which we produce for military tents are connected to the air inlets located at the rear of the tents via flexible hoses and direct the conditioned air into the tent without mixing the waste gases resulting from combustion and conditioned air. The system includes monitoring and measuring devices such as photocells, valves, burner switches, protected thermostats etc. Thanks to its security and monitoring equipment, the device can be adjusted to the desired output temperature and can be used safely and fully automatically.

When it comes to air conditioning of more than one tent, instead of using separate units for each tent, we produce Thermacool air conditioning solutions that can perform the air conditioning of all tents alone, more efficiently, economically and simultaneously.