Military Climatization System

Mobile heating or cooling devices can be used by themselves or mounted on the vehicle. In this way, air-conditioning solutions for land vehicles and platforms are also provided.

While the devices stand out with their long service life, the details that enable them to operate in the most difficult conditions stand out as Gökser Makine solutions.

Since the critical starting parts of military helicopters freeze in cold and humid weather, they are exposed to a significant amount of mechanical pressure when the helicopter is first started. This means the pressure in critical parts such as the engine, main engine system, blades and transmission present a risk to the said parts.

The starting procedure with Thermacool devices is carried out risk-free by heating the parts prior to start and melting the ice with hot air.


askeri mobil iklimledirme G-200 field type heating and cooling systems meet their energy requirements from the central generator located in the region where they are operated.

With the optional coupled generator models, the electricity requirement of the device and the tent is met by the diesel generator inside the device. Thus, the device and the tent become fully independent.

Since there is no need for the central generator, larger problems arising from the fact that the central generator cannot meet the instantaneous energy need or being overloaded will be prevented, the mobility of the tents increases, and they can become independent if .

NBC filter can be adapted to the system. Thus, NBC filtration processed hot or cold air is sent to the tent and protection is provided by providing positive pressure inside the tent.

NOMINAL HEATING CAPACITY                   : 500.000 Btu/h
NOMINAL COOLING SYSTEM                     : 450.000 Btu/h
HEATING SYSTEM                                          : DIESEL BURNER + HEAT PUMP
COOLING SYSTEM                                         : ELECTRIC
INTERNAL ALTERNATOR (Standart)            : 50 Kw


• Central heating, cooling and energy system. It meets the need of hot air-cold air and electricity required for 10 tents.
• It can be mounted on all trucks within the TSK.
• It meets all the necessary power from the engine of the truck on which it is mounted. Thus, all energy requirement is provided without using additional generator.
• It can get its energy from the mains voltage if it is desired in places with city electricity.
• It can be dismantled, if necessary, so that the truck can be used for other purposes. It has a portable structure.
• Heating and cooling power can be adjusted gradually. Thus, unnecessary energy expenditures are prevented.
• It is designed according to TSE norms for field use. It is resistant to environmental conditions, jolts and bumps.
• NBC filter can be adapted to the system. Thus, NBC protection is provided by providing positive pressure by sending hot or cold air that has undergone NBC filtration to the tent.
• Since hot air production has a heat pump up to 0 degrees and a burner system at minus degrees, full capacity heating can be provided at -30 degrees.
• The desired hot or cold air can be adjusted through the control box in the tent.

askeri mobil G 200 YS450
The G-200 YS90 N model has high capacity, extra sound insulation (Double Sound- Proof System 75dB), SAHRA TYPE TENT HEATING-COOLING DEVICE.

G-200 YS90 N model has NATO Standard Towing Arrow, Air Brake Assembly, Tandem Axle System in order to be towed by all kinds of military vehicles. Due to all these features, a maximum of 80 km on the highway. The fastest and safest way to the desired region is provided with speed. It can be transported to any land that military vehicles can enter, and it can be easily activated in camps. In addition, if desired, the G-200 YS90 N is suitable for all types of land, air and sea transport. (Such as truck, truck, train, ship, or plane.)

This model serves on the chassis built on double axles.

G-200 YS90 N is used to provide hot - cold air and to meet all kinds of electricity needs in the ratio of generator capacity when necessary.

With the G-200 YS90 N model, the Heating-Cooling and electricity needs of 1 (or 2 30m2) field type isolation tents of 60m2 can be met. While this device is engaged in heating and cooling activities, it also has 22 kW of free electrical power. In case the machine is not active, the electricity generation capacity is 38kW. Specially developed systems are used to prevent the engine in the fuel tank of the device from freezing. In this way, even if the device does not operate for days, the cabin and storage temperature are kept at the specified temperature and diesel oil is prevented from freezing.

Hot or cold air coming out of the device is transmitted into the tent by the flexible Special Air Transport System manufactured by Gökser Makine. With this Special Air Transfer System, the hot or cold air produced in the device is transported homogeneously into the tent without the loss of heat or cold thanks to the extra-insulated bellows. Thanks to their specially developed designs, these blowers fulfil their duties without being deformed and resistant to external environmental conditions. This

Thanks to the system, if desired, fresh air can be provided gradually from the outside inside the tent. In addition, the temperature and coldness levels of the tent can be adjusted to the desired degree and fixed to the degree set.