Military Climatisation System

Mobile heating and cooling devices can be used both alone and assembled on the car. Thus, climatization solutions for the land platforms are supplied.

Devices draw the attention with long service life. Details which provide to be able to work most difficult conditions come to the front as Gökser Machine solutions so Gökser Machine shares a righteous pride at mobile heating and cooling systems.

Since critical parts of the military helicopters freeze at cold and moist air, they are exposed to a good amount of mechanical pressure at first run. This situation means a risky pressure on critical starting parts like motor, main motor system, blades and transmission.

Starting action with Thermacool devices is carried out without any risk by heating and melting with hot air.

G-200 desert type heating and cooling systems supply their energy from central generator at the working area. Energy demand of the device and tent is supplied by the diesel generator inside the askeri mobil iklimledirme device at the optional model with generator. Hence, the device and tent become fully independent without needing any energy source.

Since there is no need for central generator, bigger problems caused by the central generator to not meet instantaneous energy demand or to be overloaded are avoided, mobility of the tents increases, they can be independent if desired so.

NBC filter can be adapted to the system. In this way, protection is provided by hot or cold air which is applied NBC filtration process sent to the tent and positive pressure provided in the tent. cihaz içerisindeki dizel

NOMINAL HEATING CAPACITY                   : 500.000 Btu/h
NOMINAL COOLING CAPACITY                   : 450.000 Btu/h
HEATING SYSTEM                                          : DIESEL BURNER + HEAT PUMP
COOLING SYSTEM                                         : WITH ELECTRICITY
INTERNAL ALTERNATOR                               : 50 Kw

•    Device is a central heating, cooling and energy system.  It provides hot air, cold air and electricity required for 10 tents.
•    It can be assembled all the truck available in TSK.
•    It meets all the power required from assembled truck. In this way, all the energy demand is fulfilled without using additional generator
•    Energy can be provided from line voltage at the places where city electricity available.
•    It can be disassembled in order to use the truck for other purposes. It is portable.
•    Heating and cooling power can be adjusted gradually. So, unnecessary energy usage is prevented.
•    It is designed according to TSE standards for desert use. It is resistant to environmental conditions, shakes and crashes.
•    NBC filter can be adapted to the system. In this way, protection is provided by hot or cold air which is applied NBC filtration process sent to the tent and positive pressure provided in the tent.
•    Hot air production is done by heat pump until 0 °C and burner system at negative degrees. Thus, heating is provided at full capacity until -30 °C.
•    Desired hot or cold air can be adjusted from the control panel inside the tent.

askeri mobil G 200 YS450

G-200 YS90 N model is a DESERT TYPE TENT HEATING-COOLING DEVICE which has special systems that ensure to work at difficult environmental conditions [(-32°C)-(+44°C)] specified in NATO standards, internal generator, high capacity, extra sound isolation (Double Sound-Proof System 75 dB).

G-200 YS90 N model has drawbar according to NATO standards for being pulled by any military truck, pneumatic braking system, tandem transmission system. So, it can be transferred to desired place fast and safe at maximum 80 km speed on highway. It can be moved to any place where military trucks can go. It can be used easily at the military camps. Additionally, if desired, it is suitable for all kind of land, air and sea transportation (Truck, trucking rig, train, ship or plane etc.).

This model serves on the chassis based on double transmission.

G-200 YS90 N model is used for providing hot-cold air and if required electricity according to generator capacity.
Heating-cooling and electricity requirement of one 60 m2 (or two 30 m2) desert type tent with isolation can be provided with G-200 YS90 N model. When the device operates heating-cooling activities, it also has 22 kW free electricity power. If the device does not operate, electricity generation capacity is 38 kW. In order to prevent freezing of the diesel in the fuel tank, special developed systems are used. By this way, cabinet and fuel tank temperature holds on designated temperature and freezing of the diesel is prevented even if the device does not work for days.

Produced hot or cold air transferred to the tent by a flexible Special Air Transfer System which is a Gökser Machine production. By using this Special Air Transfer System, hot or cold air produced by the device transferred to the tent homogeneously without any heat loss with the help of extra-isolated bellows. This specially designed bellows operate without deformation and resistant to environmental conditions. Fresh air can be taken into the tent gradually from the outside by means of this system, if desired. Moreover, inside hotness and coldness level can be arranged to a desired temperature and fixed to the arranged temperature.