Military Camp Climate

We proud the supply practical , high qualified and NATO standart air condition systems to Turkish and other foreign army since 32 years

Their demands droped by military bodies, are supplied by design and manufacturing with a qualified enigneers and staffs. The products served to every location of the world have the NATO stock numbers.

By adapting blowers to the air inlet holes built on the back sides of the millitary tents , hot air entry can be ensured. Since the waste gasses created as a result of combustion and the heated air do not mix with each other at all , clean hot air enters into the tent. It can be adjusted to a desired output temperature since it has security equipment such as photocell , solenoid , valve , burner switch , thermostat with ignition etc. Within itself and be used safely as a full automatic instrument.

Using different airconditioning units for each tent makes both of the total cost and energy consumption increase. Instead of this , using ThermaCool Units which can climate more than one tent gives effective solutions to reduce energy and money waste. Thermacool units can climate up to six tent with just one unit