Mobile Hospital Air Conditioning Systems

mobil hastane iklimlendirmesi

The system, which is put together in accordance with the field type use, is designed as a fully closed trailer equipped with rubber wheels and scissor suspension, which enables it to reach its destination in rough terrain conditions and allows it to be towed by any vehicle.

The temperature of the air to be provided in the hospital can be adjusted to the desired temperature through a control panel inside the hospital. In order to increase the efficiency, the production of the hot or cold air to be provided is regulated as a closed loop. In the closed loop system, the air in the hospital is sent to the device via flexible hoses and directed inside the tent after being reheated or cooled inside the unit. Fresh air requirement is met from the external environment using the adjustable flap in the system.

Thermacool offers portable air conditioning units with flexible hose connections that can be used in different environmental conditions such as desert, forest or any outdoor environment. Thermacool Air Conditioning Units are suitable for many different applications besides the air conditioning of tents and field hospitals:


mobil hastane iklimlendirmesi kizilay

• Fairs, Exhibitions etc.
• Aid Organizations
• Emergency and Natural Disaster Response Organizations

Product features:

•    It has a functional design with wheels for easy transport.
•    Aluminium or steel chassis can be used upon request.
•    The whole system can be delivered installed and ready for use.
•    Fresh air or proportioned circulating air system options are available.
•    The indoor unit can be separated so that the device can operate in the KBRN environment.
•    Rain and dust protected control and instrument panel available
•    It offers easy connection for the air distribution system.


mobil hastane iklimlendirmesi

Thermacool provides systems that can meet the need for air meeting the clean room standards that may arise in hospitals in any field and in any military application.

All models have 2 years of service and 15 years of spare parts warranty.