Mobile Hospital Air Conditioning Systems

mobil hastane iklimlendirmesi

 It isdesigned to use in deserts / open areas. It is manufactured as a closed system with Wheel , makas raylı , anh with a broke and can be pul by a vehicle. It is manufactured with a makaslı surpesion system on order to prevent any hazard while transporting roughly surface.

Required hotter cold air can be centrolled by the control box in the hospital. In order to have a effective system at the system designed as a colored system. The conditioned air in the hospitalare forwarded to the  air conditioned machine by flexible ducts and / after the air is transferned by ayarlı klape outlest.

ThermaCool offers an air conditioning unit which is durable , easy to transport avaible to use in desert , jungle or cold conditions with a flexible hose connection.

The air conditioning units of ThermaCool is suitable for tents and field hospitals and most different applications.

This units are extensively preferred by ;

  • Air conditioning f event exhibition and aid organisations.
  • Field hospitals, soldier camps and millitary area.
  • Disaster prevention orgnisationsmobil hastane iklimlendirmesi kizilay

Remarkable Product Properties

  • Functional design with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Optional frame of welded aluminium or steel profiles.
  • Ready to plug in.
  • Different levels of electric heater to optimize temperature interchance during the day.
  • Installation as a whole system
  • Fresh air or circulated air system choises
  • The connection with a flexible hose between condenser and evoaporator module
  • Control panel with swiches and dash board
  • Power connection plug
  • Easy connection to the air distribution system

Thermacool provides the systems for mobile hospitals and military comps according to clean room specifications.


mobil hastane iklimlendirmesi