Mobile Heating

Thermacool mobile heaters are designed to run in the coldest conditions. This design is blended with the technology and 30 years of experience. It has the quality of working with diesel or JP-8 according to request. It can be used in all weather conditions thanks to its rigid structure. They have funnel exchanger , flame control system and axhaust. Mobile heaters have the ability to work close circuit due tospecial heat – insulated hoses adapted both air suction and air vent. The machine continues working under heavy snow fall or rain and continues to function according to its abilities.

All Thermacool mobile heaters move the air with high capacity and efficient radial fans for duct usage. Fort his reason , the air can reach to extreme points in heated space, and it can provide a homogenous heating. Some of the qualities that separate us from our competitions are as follows.


  • Radial fan with high capacity
  • Compact structure on the fuel tank
  • Special electrical regulation system to continue working at anomalous energy that may come from Genset.
  • Improved special fuel heating system agaşnst fuel freezes.
  • Pneumatic tire minimized the vibration of the body during the motion in the field.