The roots of our firm extend back to "ÜNAL TEKNiK" firm, incorporated in 1982. Said firm was engaged in the radio-television repair and started as a small establishment of 10 m2 at Ankara, Tandogan, Mechul Asker Sokak.

The firm, determining a market inefficiency in the heating devices with burners, has penetrated said market with its limited production capacity at the time, and has created its own unique design rather than imitating the present systems.

Being aware of the importance of R&D, the firm has adopted constant renovation as a principle and in doing so it has never compromised quality.

Designing the first three-level combustion chamber in the burner heating devices, the firm has continued its activities with pride as the leader in its field. In line with the requirements of the customers, the firm has increased its product range to 6 and confirmed its quality with the TSE accreditation of the heaters it produced.

Realizing another breakthrough in its field has started production of flexible duct. Thus, the heat produced in the devices was transferred to the required location. Our firm remains to be the first and only producer of flexible ducts in Turkey.

The activities of our firm in the field of Defense Industry commenced with "GÖKSER MAKINE" incorporated in 1987. General Directorate of Security was one the first to be included into our references and subsequently the Land Forces, Ground Forces Aviation Academy, Air Forces have been included into our list of customers using our products in trust. Production in the defense industry has always been a source of pride for us. Gökser Makine shall continue to exert all effort to do the best.

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