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Thermacool Special Air Conditioning Systems

THERMACOOL has been serving the Reputable Armies since 1982. With this experience, we are always developing new techniques to improve our solutions and make it easier to be under harsh weather conditions. We are constantly improving ourselves for you.

Special Design Air Conditioning Systems

All special air conditioning systems required for defense and aerospace are made specifically for the customer and the project with the best engineering solutions prototyping and analysis studies.

Thermacool  With the up-to-date use of advanced knowledge and technology, it has made special designs for many domestic and foreign defense and aerospace sectors, and made prototype productions and then mass productions.

Special R&D design, engineering calculations and prototype manufacturing required by the sectors offer solutions in a short time and are made in serial production.

Özel Tasarım İklimlendirme Sistemleri
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ECS Systems

Environmental Air Conditioning Systems: ECS (environmental air conditioning systems), which require special design and engineering for Aircraft and Helicopters, are provided to Main Equipment Manufacturers with all the documentation and analysis required by aviation, in accordance with aviation requirements.

ECS Sistemleri
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