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Thermacool Ground-Support Equipment

THERMACOOL Ground Support Equipments:

  • PIT (Ground Embedded) Systems

  • PCA Systems

  • Hose and Hose Collector


PIT Systems

THERMACOOL PIT systems are offered in 3 different ways.

  • Air Only

  • Air and Power Unit

  • Air, Power and Fuel Unit

PIT (Yere Gömülü) Sistemleri

PCA Systems

THERMACOOL PCA Systems are offered in 3 different ways.

  • Mobile Systems

  • Under Bridge Systems

  • Embedded systems

PCA Sistemleri

Hose and Hose Collector 

The hose can reach lengths of 30 or 40 meters in the service area when fully opened, but can only be used to the required length with this system. GÖKSER offers complete package solutions to airports with hose collection device and TECHNIFLEX brand hoses.

Hortum ve Hortum Toplama Cihazı 
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