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Operating Under Hard Conditions

The devices are adaptable and custom built to operate in harsh weather conditions.

Compact Design

 When it comes to air-conditioning or more than one tent, instead of using separate units for each tent, we produce Thermacool air-conditioning solutions that can perform the air-conditioning of all tents alone, more efficiently, economically and simultaneously.

Long Term Service

Gökser, with its 40 years of experience, provides support to Reputable Armies. Our durable air conditioning systems meet NATO standards and it meets MIL-STD-810 standards.

Full Package Solution

We offer turnkey solutions by producing flexible hoses under the Techniflex brand. Flexible hoses can be easily moved and transported. These hoses are insulated and also meet the standards.

Quality Certificates


About Us

As GÖKSER R&D  we have been manufacturing air conditioning units since 1982 with our THERMACOOL brand.

Our units can be used safely in any place that needs to be air-conditioned with hot / cold air.

The air produced can be easily transmitted to the desired location with TECHNIFLEX hoses. Models of all sizes work fully automatically with temperature control.


Airport Ground Support Systems

Yer-Destek Ekipmanı

3 Different Options are Presented:

  • Only Climatization

  • Climatization and Power

  • Climatization, Power and Furl (PIT System)

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Special Design Air Conditioning Systems

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