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Air-conditioning systems developed for the Defense Industry:

  • Turnkey Mobile Military Camp Areas

  • Mobile Hospital and Air Conditioning Systems

  • Military Tent Air Conditioning Systems

  • Military Mobile Air Conditioning Systems

Anahtar Teslim Mobil Askeri Kamp Alanları

Turnkey Mobile Military Camping Areas

Full package solutions are offered for military camping areas with tents in accordance with military standards and heating / cooling systems in accordance with military standards.

It can be specially designed and manufactured according to the needs.


Mobile Hospital and Air Conditioning Systems

THERMACOOL supplies systems that meet the requirements of the clean room standards of field hospitals and any climate-encompassing area in any military application.

Mobil Hastane ve İklimlendirme Sistemleri

Military Tent Air Conditioning Systems

Thermacool has been serving the Reputable Armies since 1982. With this experience, we are always developing new techniques to improve our solutions and make it easier to be under harsh weather conditions. We are constantly improving ourselves for you.

Expert engineering demands shaped by military needs  We design and manufacture with our staff. NATO Stock numbers are also available for the systems produced all over the world in accordance with all kinds of climatic conditions.

Askeri Çadır İklimlendirme Sistemleri

Military Mobile Air Conditioning Systems

In severe environmental conditions (-32 °C ) specified in NATO Standards  -  (+44 °C)  It is a field type tent heating-cooling device with special systems that allow working, including coupled generator, high capacity, extra sound insulation.

Askeri Mobil İklimlendirme Sistemleri
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